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Area Boys Can Be Trained As Tax Officers, Paid Decent Salaries — Committee Chair, Oyedele

In this exclusive interview on Channels Television, the Chairman of Presidential Tax and Fiscal Policy Reform, Taiwo Oyedele, says area boys can be trained for tax collection and paid decent salaries to forsake their old ways. He also speaks on efforts made to reduce multiple taxes he describes as a nuisance at the state and local government levels.
Nigerians have been wondering when is this thing gonna take off. I mean, by now, prices should be reduced simply because the Tax Reform Committee, you know, is expected to have come up with some of those recommendations. Let’s begin, how far so far?

Thank you, for having me. So you’re right. I also joined Nigerians to say that I’m impatient to see the results coming up. And more importantly, the impact on the people, particularly the small businesses and the poorest people who are most impacted by the reforms and the different policies. Unfortunately, you know, fiscal policy matters are not as quick. So if you make a monetary policy decision today, you can see the impact tomorrow. Sometimes, fiscals take a little longer but even at that, I feel like we could have made progress faster. We submitted our first report in October with so many recommendations. Over 20 recommendations.
As of today, maybe about three of them have been fully implemented. The remaining ones are in different stages of implementation. The biggest instrument to implement our recommendation is the Emergency Economic Intervention Bill that we came up with, trying to amend about 15 different laws and implement some very important changes that will help with price stability in terms of inflation, will help also in terms of costs that will help in terms of providing relief to the right people who are most impacted, that will help take the burden of small businesses And that would also in a large, a large part help with, you know, foreign exchange as well. I know that’s the purview of the central bank. But we also think it’s an area where we can work together between the monitoring of fiscal authorities and also even align with trade policies. So, those are different stages
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3 months ago

As you watch TB Joshua’s documentary pls bear what am about to say in mind.

This is not me supporting him but I want to state some facts as I have been following this story since he passed.

So if your a conversant with Scoan(Synagogue church of all nations) you will know TB Joshua has wise men and disciples.

85% of these wise men and disciples are foreigners.

Before the prophet passed, these wise men and disciples were very powerful.

Most Sundays they handle deliverance, prayers and ministrations.

Also bear in mind TB Joshua had a wife Evelyn, she is also a prophetess. She was a prophetess before the TB married her.

While her hubby was still alive, she comes out ones in a while to preach and join in ministering to church members.

At some point she had a baby or something and now faced home and she rarely preached or do the Sunday deliverance.

Tb Joshua had an overwhelming membership and couldn’t handle the prayer line alone, so he ordained those wise men and Disciples.

Many of these wise men started acting like him, some became very powerful. Some left to start their respective ministry

People like wise man Daniel and wise man John chi, they left while TB Joshua was still alive.

But he still had lots of wise men and disciples many of them are not Nigerians.

Now this is where the story gets interesting.

Allegedly when TB Joshua died, these Wise men and Disciples took charge of the church.

They said that the prophet intended they take over.

That TB Joshua told them that they will take over from him..

These guys relegated Evelyn TB Joshua’s wife to the background, don’t forget she is a prophetess.

This rancor went full blown, these disciples and wise men fought Evelyn so much, they didn’t want her to even appear in the church.

They oppressed her so much that one day Evelyn woke up, I don’t know who helped her sha.

But it was alleged that she used the immigration and deported all those foreigners who wanted to take over the church from her, they way the deported all of them it was so funny.

She dealt with the foreigners and some of the Nigerians that joined the foreign wise men and disciples.

She is currently the lead pastor of Scoan, she has fully taken over the church, guess what ? The church is booming.

Evelyn has a special gift of healing, her church services are packed out just like when her hubby was still alive.

After reading this story, you should know why that stup!d story of Tb Joshua is surfacing now.

Evenly is the target, how dare she try to fight to take over the church from foreigners.

It is giving the vibes of “if we can’t have the church, let’s cripple it”

TB Joshua is dead, what’s the essence of the story, to arrest a dead man? Or for what?

Before you join to start bashing, give this ****** ysis a deep thought.
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3 months ago
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.
John 8:12.

1. Holy Spirit of God, move me up, lift me up and promote my destiny.
2. Destiny wasters, destiny killers, in my environment, be wasted.
3. Fire quenchers, **** igned to quench the fire of my glory, be wasted in the name of Jesus.

TODAY, I will make progress, I will succeed in all I do, nothing shall be difficult for me to achieve. Power **** igned to stop me, to frustrate and kill my vision, shall be wasted. No man, no woman shall take my seat, I use to blood of Jesus to retain my seat, to collect back all that had been stolen from me. I will end my day with testimony in the name of Jesus
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3 months ago
Philippians 2:3-6.
Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.
4 Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.
5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:
6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

1 Fire of God, purge me, purge my foundation.
2 Fire of God, purge me of every ungodliness.
3 Fire of God, purge me of every unfriendly friend and satanic attachments.
4 Fire of God, purge my root of every trace of poverty, shame and disgrace.
5 Fire of God, purge me of evil thoughts, evil imaginations and every worldliness.
6 Fire of God, purge me of unwilling helpers and satanic mockers.
7 Fire of God, purge my life of every ungodly voices, evil advice and evil advisers.
8. Fire of God, purge my life from every collective captivity and evil pattern
9. Fire of God, separate me from every killer of good things, every destroyer of quality life and blessings in the name of Jesus.

Further Reading..... John 13:12-15; John 15:9-11; Ephesians 5:1-2.
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4 months ago
Heritage Of Alakija

We are talking of Sir Adeyemo Alakija. An adored Yoruba nationalist who fought to champion the preservation of Yoruba ideals within Nigeria… A senior member of the WNDC… the public body that financed many of the projects in Yorubaland in the first republic…. A member of the cocoa board and senior member of the Action group….. and a son of Zik questions our right to discuss about him….
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4 months ago
Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has finally died after a prolonged battle with Leukaemia. Leukaemia is a cancer of the tissues which usually forms a type of blood cells called White Blood Cells (Leukocytes). There are diseases which your money can’t even help you, be grateful for good health. May his soul rest in peace and May God comfort his family.

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4 months ago
Merry Christmas to you and the family. May it be a season of joy for you and your entire families.

In this season, may you experience;

Every member of this family and their extended family members are covered with the blood of Jesus.

Please remember that the reason for the coming of Jesus this season is to give us life, use this moment to reflect on why Jesus came and be sure you are well aligned. It is only a Merry Christmas for those in Christ.
Are you?

Merry Christmas
🎄 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
MultiComs MWB
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Sapa why now 😆
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Why will you charge #3k for bus 😆

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Moment Governor Sanwo-Olu asks if Mr. Macaroni won't greet him.
On a norm, he won't greet Sanwo olu at all

#mrmacaroni #sanwoolu
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1. Kiss her when she least expects it. She'll feel wanted

2. Tell her "I love you" in the middle of her talking to you. She'll end up smiling

3. Text her in the middle of the day just to tell her "I miss you". She'll feel thought of

4. Insist you will not start eating until she comes to sit down and you eat together. She'll feel special

5. Occasionally leave little notes of warm words under her pillow, on the fridge, in her hand bag or on her car seat. She'll feel cared for

6. Help her with house chores even without her asking. She'll feel part of a team

7. Touch/grab or rub her **** when she is cooking. She'll feel like a woman

8. Pretend you've forgotten her birthday then surprise her in the middle of the day with a gift. She'll feel excited

9. Occasionally give her mother a phonecall just to wish her a good day as her son-in-love. She'll feel surrounded by love
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I am thankful God