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4 months ago (E)
Area Boys Can Be Trained As Tax Officers, Paid Decent Salaries — Committee Chair, Oyedele

In this exclusive interview on Channels Television, the Chairman of Presidential Tax and Fiscal Policy Reform, Taiwo Oyedele, says area boys can be trained for tax collection and paid decent salaries to forsake their old ways. He also speaks on efforts made to reduce multiple taxes he describes as a nuisance at the state and local government levels.
Nigerians have been wondering when is this thing gonna take off. I mean, by now, prices should be reduced simply because the Tax Reform Committee, you know, is expected to have come up with some of those recommendations. Let’s begin, how far so far?

Thank you, for having me. So you’re right. I also joined Nigerians to say that I’m impatient to see the results coming up. And more importantly, the impact on the people, particularly the small businesses and the poorest people who are most impacted by the reforms and the different policies. Unfortunately, you know, fiscal policy matters are not as quick. So if you make a monetary policy decision today, you can see the impact tomorrow. Sometimes, fiscals take a little longer but even at that, I feel like we could have made progress faster. We submitted our first report in October with so many recommendations. Over 20 recommendations.
As of today, maybe about three of them have been fully implemented. The remaining ones are in different stages of implementation. The biggest instrument to implement our recommendation is the Emergency Economic Intervention Bill that we came up with, trying to amend about 15 different laws and implement some very important changes that will help with price stability in terms of inflation, will help also in terms of costs that will help in terms of providing relief to the right people who are most impacted, that will help take the burden of small businesses And that would also in a large, a large part help with, you know, foreign exchange as well. I know that’s the purview of the central bank. But we also think it’s an area where we can work together between the monitoring of fiscal authorities and also even align with trade policies. So, those are different stages
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4 months ago
I can’t date a broke guy, because he can’t spend on me…
But shishi, you no get, skill sef, you still don’t have.😎
Why feeling entitled to a guy’s money, just because you guys are dating? Him doing anything for you should come willingly not out of entitlement. 💞🌺🌺😚✨

However, if a guy truly loves you, he will willingly spend on you if he has, and same thing goes to men. If a girl loves you, she will willingly spend on you if she has. These things come naturally.🌻✍️🌻

If this post pain you, then you are guilty.🤣
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5 months ago

As you watch TB Joshua’s documentary pls bear what am about to say in mind.

This is not me supporting him but I want to state some facts as I have been following this story since he passed.

So if your a conversant with Scoan(Synagogue church of all nations) you will know TB Joshua has wise men and disciples.

85% of these wise men and disciples are foreigners.

Before the prophet passed, these wise men and disciples were very powerful.

Most Sundays they handle deliverance, prayers and ministrations.

Also bear in mind TB Joshua had a wife Evelyn, she is also a prophetess. She was a prophetess before the TB married her.

While her hubby was still alive, she comes out ones in a while to preach and join in ministering to church members.

At some point she had a baby or something and now faced home and she rarely preached or do the Sunday deliverance.

Tb Joshua had an overwhelming membership and couldn’t handle the prayer line alone, so he ordained those wise men and Disciples.

Many of these wise men started acting like him, some became very powerful. Some left to start their respective ministry

People like wise man Daniel and wise man John chi, they left while TB Joshua was still alive.

But he still had lots of wise men and disciples many of them are not Nigerians.

Now this is where the story gets interesting.

Allegedly when TB Joshua died, these Wise men and Disciples took charge of the church.

They said that the prophet intended they take over.

That TB Joshua told them that they will take over from him..

These guys relegated Evelyn TB Joshua’s wife to the background, don’t forget she is a prophetess.

This rancor went full blown, these disciples and wise men fought Evelyn so much, they didn’t want her to even appear in the church.

They oppressed her so much that one day Evelyn woke up, I don’t know who helped her sha.

But it was alleged that she used the immigration and deported all those foreigners who wanted to take over the church from her, they way the deported all of them it was so funny.

She dealt with the foreigners and some of the Nigerians that joined the foreign wise men and disciples.

She is currently the lead pastor of Scoan, she has fully taken over the church, guess what ? The church is booming.

Evelyn has a special gift of healing, her church services are packed out just like when her hubby was still alive.

After reading this story, you should know why that stup!d story of Tb Joshua is surfacing now.

Evenly is the target, how dare she try to fight to take over the church from foreigners.

It is giving the vibes of “if we can’t have the church, let’s cripple it”

TB Joshua is dead, what’s the essence of the story, to arrest a dead man? Or for what?

Before you join to start bashing, give this ****** ysis a deep thought.
Midey Aderinde
5 months ago
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.
John 8:12.

1. Holy Spirit of God, move me up, lift me up and promote my destiny.
2. Destiny wasters, destiny killers, in my environment, be wasted.
3. Fire quenchers, **** igned to quench the fire of my glory, be wasted in the name of Jesus.

TODAY, I will make progress, I will succeed in all I do, nothing shall be difficult for me to achieve. Power **** igned to stop me, to frustrate and kill my vision, shall be wasted. No man, no woman shall take my seat, I use to blood of Jesus to retain my seat, to collect back all that had been stolen from me. I will end my day with testimony in the name of Jesus
Midey Aderinde
5 months ago
Philippians 2:3-6.
Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.
4 Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.
5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:
6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

1 Fire of God, purge me, purge my foundation.
2 Fire of God, purge me of every ungodliness.
3 Fire of God, purge me of every unfriendly friend and satanic attachments.
4 Fire of God, purge my root of every trace of poverty, shame and disgrace.
5 Fire of God, purge me of evil thoughts, evil imaginations and every worldliness.
6 Fire of God, purge me of unwilling helpers and satanic mockers.
7 Fire of God, purge my life of every ungodly voices, evil advice and evil advisers.
8. Fire of God, purge my life from every collective captivity and evil pattern
9. Fire of God, separate me from every killer of good things, every destroyer of quality life and blessings in the name of Jesus.

Further Reading..... John 13:12-15; John 15:9-11; Ephesians 5:1-2.
5 months ago
Compliment of the season everyone. Wish u a beautiful n prosperous new year
Oyindamope Andrew
5 months ago
Happy new year to us, this is the year of our new Glory
5 months ago
Happy New Year
Adejere Adenola
5 months ago
Today is the last day of the 2023 singing a farewell song for it
Episode Stories
5 months ago


While I was still nurturing hate towards my offenders and making plans on how to avenge myself, a lot of opportunities came. I met with guys that are obviously bad guys, I started mingling with them so that I would use them as leverage to carry out my revenge plan.

One day, I was in church and there was a teaching on forgiveness, it was as though the pastor that preached knew what was on my mind, as in, he was speaking to me directly. Then I realized that forgiving my offenders is actually for me; so that my heart would be free and I won't be at risk of **** . I understood that he who forgives does himself a favour, and not the offender.

People of God, you know what? I forgave them, I mean everyone connected to that terrible ordeal. I aborted my revenge plan and I found genuine peace in Christ. Praise the Lord somebody!

This is not the end of the story, but permit me to digress a little so that I can quickly address a few things before we continue...

From experience, I have observed that people treat offence in three ways:




This category suffers most. They give bitterness free accommodation in their hearts and keep hurting. In the long run, they may go down in sickness due to lack of peace and may die, death is not the end o, they will go to **** . Meanwhile, the person that hurt them may not be aware of all they are going through. Imagine such foolishness! ...forgive me please.. THE SECOND CATEGORY ARE THE ONES THAT NURTURE UNFORGIVENESS AND ALSO PLAN REVENGE.

This was where I used to be before I got exposed to the knowledge of the light of God. The devil cheated me for a long time, making me believe that the only way I would find peace is after revenge. Lies of the devil! Haven't you heard of people who commit suicide after taking revenge? You'll feel worse after revenge oo. Don't subscribe to the cheap lies of satan.
Make I ask you self...If you get revenge, how are you better than your offender? I know you can do better, you're a good person, revenge is not for you.
This is the category that God expects His children to be. It is okay to feel hurt, but God has given you the grace not to dwell in that mood till satan leverages on it to preach vengeance to you. Forgiveness is another sign of spiritual maturity. If you are finding it difficult to forgive, then you're still an infant Christian. You need to grow!

Well, I understand that If some of us are to narrate the evil that people have done to us, even death is not enough judgement for such wickedness. But we MUST forgive anyway. For a child of God, forgiveness is not optional, forgiveness is not a choice, forgiveness is God's commandment.
Let me quickly add this one; IT IS THE LIE OF THE DEVIL THAT EVEN IF A PERSON FORGIVES, HE CANNOT FORGET. It is very possible please. But bear in mind that forgetting does not mean the memories of the event will be wiped out and you won't be able to recall even if you try. If that happens to you, you're probably suffering from amnesia. You should see a doctor ASAP.

If need be, just the way I'm doing now, you would still be able to remember and even talk about an offence committed against you, but talking about it won't hurt you. The memories won't make you feel bad and the memories won't unnecessarily reoccur in vour.
you. I ne memories won't make you feel bad and the memories won't unnecessarily reoccur in your thoughts. When you have gotten to this stage, you have forgiven and forgotten
Like now, I have forgiven and forgotten everything that Hook up Hantie and others did to me, but I want people to learn from my experience, and abort all sorts of revenge missions, that is why I am sharing. If I can find Hook up Auntie today, whatever God lays in my heart to do for her, of course, I will gladly do it!

Take note also that it is not necessary that your offender realizes his sins first and must come to you to plead for forgiveness before you forgive. What if your offender never apologizes? God can give you the grace to forgive without questioning.
See, anyone who dies in unforgiveness will end up in **** . Now, imagine that I had died all those times I was nurturing hate and planning revenge? I would have gone to **** oo. I for go **** untop the beating wey I chop for police station. The most painful possibility of it all is that the woman would make heaven if she later becomes born again. I for just go **** banza (in vain). I believe she will do me "ntoor" when she sees that I end up in **** because of her.
Look at it this way; what if the people you have offended are also planning revenge? Don't even say you have not offended anyone. Check the thread
Episode Stories
5 months ago


The outcome of the visit to Alfa's place left everyone surprised. They said the Alfa clearly told them that Tunde stole the phone (The guy that came from the next house to borrow matches from me).

The Alfa also told them that he had sold the phone already. He said it was from the money Tunde realised from the sale of the phone that he paid 3000 naira to the police, and in exactly 3 days, he would use the remaining money to travel to his village to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

I was told that they asked the Alfa to make him confess, so that the police would seize him at once.

The Alfa said it is very possible, that they can make him use his mouth to tell everyone that he stole the phone, but once he says it, that's how he'll continue to say it for the rest of his life and it can't be reversed. Haa, Isn't that madness? That was too much! Simon's parents were only interested in knowing the real thief and clearing their son's name, not hurting anyone, so they opted out.

I was angry, I wanted to go and confront Tunde and blast him. I wanted to call him a thief to his face but Auntie Seun stopped me, she talk say dem no born me well. She explained the reason why I must not do that; she told me that it may lead another uproar that can cause inviting police again and I'd have to bring out my evidence against him. I was like... "ehen now, that's easy, sebi I will tell the police that it was one alfa that told us he stole the phone". Auntie Seun said the police will arrest the alfa and ask him how he made his own investigation. So, if I like myself, I should not complicate issues by starting what I would not be able to finish.
Tor, las las, knowing the real thief couldn't clear my name and redeem my image, because it was only Auntie Seun and Simo's family that were aware of the Alfa's arrangement. The only relief I got was the few people who were aware of the low-key investigation.

As for my phone, the 3-days grace period elapsed and off it went!自動日

I felt like 3 days grace period was too short, but I had no choice than to accept things as they were. After all, I was at the mercy of the money lender.

I had even looked away right from the day the phone was used as collateral. Who would have given me 3k, especially as I didn't want that story to come out of Kwara state. I didn't want to tell anyone, so, that made seeking for help difficult.

3 days after Simo's parents visited Alfa, something unusual and unbelievable happened.

I saw Tunde dusting his travelling bag, just as Alfa

earlier predicted. E be like movie oo. Out of curiosity, I

asked what he was up to and he said he wanted to go

and celebrate December in Gbangan (his village)...E

shock you abi? E shock me too.

At that point, I didn't know where one raging anger

arose from. I began to place curses on the person that

stole the phone, though I didn't mention anybody's

name. You need to see Tunde's expression, he almost

used his hand to cover my mouth. But I no gree oo, I

cursed and cursed, and added some jara for Auntie

hook up and her Alhaji. Na Auntie Seun come pursue

me from that place...... May God reverse all the

negative ***** ouncements I've made concerning them.
Vex no good.
But curses didn't do justice for me, I had my own plans to take my pound of flesh my own way.

People of God, Tunde travelled that day and he didn't

return till I left Ilorin.

By January, the holiday was over and I returned to Kogi State. I begged that my big Auntie that took me to Kwara not to tell anyone about all that happened in

By January, the holiday was over and I returned to Kogi State. I begged that my big Auntie that took me to Kwara not to tell anyone about all that happened in Kwara, not even my parents. I was concerned about how I would start convincing everyone that I didn't take the phone. Though, I was sure that my parents would believe me, because they knew me, but what about the outsiders?

I also didn't like the idea of people finding out that I spent 3 good days in the police cell. My place in Kogi is just a small village, news won't take long before spreading. I was afraid of experiencing another round of the stigmatization.

Although I had left Kwara, flashes of the way I was whipped mercilessly and how I screamed in pain continued to reappear in my head, more like a trauma. I started nurturing deep hatred and unforgiveness towards Auntie hook up, her Alhaji and Tunde.

The devil took advantage of my state of mind to convince me that I would never find peace unless I took revenge. There was a burning desire for vengeance. I wanted her and everyone she loved to go through double of the pain she made me go through.
Continue reading through the thread
Episode Stories
5 months ago


Now that Alhaji had said 3 of us that were suspected of stealing the phone must pay three thousand naira each, I felt some sort of relief. I knew that, somehow, I would pay my own three thousand naira and be free again.

Thank God for Simo (the Ghanian guy), his parents immediately raised 3 thousand naira for him and they gave it to the police. He was freed immediately. He didn't spend up to 2 hours in the police Station. He didn't even enter the cell and no one touched him. I was in my cell when he walked into the police station with his parents, and I was still in the cell peeping through the burglary when he walked out. Haa, how I envied him!
I also learnt that Tunde already paid his own 3 thousand naira when the police went to meet him at home. Though I learnt that the police wanted to arrest him on the first day of the incident but he was not around when they got to his house. So when they went back the second day and told him about the new development; to pay three thousand naira each. I was told that he just dipped his hand in his pocket, counted 3k and gave them on the spot. In fact, he was the first to pay, so, there was no point arresting him. He never stepped his foot to the police station.

As for me, I no get 3k ooo, and Auntie Seun said she didn't have too. The only option that we had was to use my own phone, the Sony J70 that my brother bought with a whopping 15, 500 naira as collateral to borrow the 3000 naira needed for my release. I didn't have a choice. I reluctantly agreed that the phone be used as collateral to take the loan.

She took it to where she would borrow the money, she later came back in the evening to tell me that they only She took it to where she would borrow the money, she later came back in the evening to tell me that they only gave her 3 days to refund the 3k, else, my phone would be gone for life. Well, I wanted my freedom at all costs, so I obliged. If I die in the cell, how would I take revenge?
The following morning (my third day in the police cell), the money lenders gave auntie Seun the 3 thousand naira, after she had given them my phone as collateral. She came back to the police station and paid for me.
I was eager to come out of the cell but it shocked me that even after payment, the police men refused to release me. They claimed that Alhaji had not given them a go ahead and until then, I would not be allowed to step out of the cell...Haba, which kind life be this now?

Auntie Seun was angry and frustrated, she felt like, Alhaji had taken all I had and had shown me the mighty man in him, wetin him wan collect again now? Auntie Seun left the station angrily.
Well, because of me, she had to swallow her pride and went to meet Hook Up Auntie and begged her to speak to her man friend to let me go. Hook up Auntie reluctantly agreed to put a call through to her "Baby".....the Alhaji

After a serious persuasion, Alhaji agreed that I should be released and he put a call through to the police.
They later released me towards evening of the 3rd day.
While the policemen were returning my clothes and shoe, that particular one that my write up impressed advised me to go back and prostrate before Hook up Auntie and appreciate her for talking Alhaji into releasing me. He said despite that I had paid the 3 thousand naira demanded, I would have still remained in the cell if she had not intervened, so, she was my saviour and I owed all the gratitude to her. Kai, I suffered!
1:35 PMA
When I got back to the house, things were no longer the coolvalstories same, news had spread around the neighbourhood about the thief who stole the missing phone. I didn't have a face again. People were warning their children not to ****** ociate with a thief.
E even get one of the fine girls for downstairs wey like to dey smile at me before the stolen phone saga started, if you see the way she snubbed me after my return from the police station.....Na so everybody dey treat me like say I pour ****** for body.
The stigma was another level of emotional torture for me.
The story hasn't ended oo, my release from the station
was the beginning of another drama.

The parents of the Ghanian guy were furious that their son got caught up in such image-damaging incident, they were confident in Simo that he does not steal, and they would not take the shame the whole incident brought upon their family, so they vowed to dig the matter to the root and expose the real thief. That way, their son's image would be redeemed.
That was how they set out to find out the real thief using means other than the police. After all, the whole "paparazzi" of the Nigerian police did not expose the real culprit. So, they went to consult an Alfa to help them find the thief. (Check the thread)
Episode Stories
5 months ago


While I was still handcuffed to the pole, the policemen used cane to draw map on my back and ***** ***** . You know that kind of long flexible whip that when it lands on your mid section, it will coil round your waist....I don't even have the best words to explain. The whip left scars like when someone is wearing plenty beads around his waist.

Alhaji stood and enjoyed the show for some time before he left. I could see the satisfaction on his face as I screamed in pain. It must have been a very fulfilling sight to behold. Wickedness dey this world o.

Each time the police men flogged me, they would scream "I said where is the phone?" "If you don't confess now, I will press this iron on your face"....then he would take the hot iron close to my face so that I would feel the heat. I have never been that afraid in my entire life.

It got to a point that I couldn't stand the brutality again. Do you know that feeling when you're being flogged but you can't use your hand to rub the spot that the cane landed on your skin to ease the pain? All you can do is scream and scream. The torture got to a level that I wanted to admit what I didn't do. I just wanted that flogging phase to end. So, an idea came and I told them to wait that I would confess.

Then I asked them "Sir, there were two other guys whose names were mentioned (Tunde and Simo, the Ghanian brother), why am I the only one Brough here and tortured mercilessly?"

Police Man: Because you're the prime suspect. Everyone said you were the one that took the phone.
And the flogging and screaming continued...

At that point, I realised that the whole torture wasn't about getting the missing phone back, because the money Alhaji used to invite policemen (plus the one he probably used to bribe them) was already more than the worth of the missing phone. It was about dealing with me. It was about putting me through pain. It was about executing the task Alhaji gave them.

When they had flogged me to the point where I was no longer screaming, I guess they were afraid that I was about to give up (die), they stopped, removed the handcuff and left me on the floor for some time to catch my breath. Fortunately for me, they didn't burn me with the hot iron, I guess it was just there to scare me.

They later came back and handed me a sheet of paper and a pen that I should write a statement. They asked me to write whatever I know about the missing phone on the paper given to me.

So, I narrated all that I knew and gave the paper back to the police man. He was shocked to see such a lengthy write up from a small boy. Out of curiosity to know the content of the statement, he quickly sat and read.. He then started asking me questions and saying things like "How old are you that you write so well?" "Obviously, you're intelligent, why did you get yourself into this mess?". I didn't even say a word.

Na so God help me oo, the man became soft and stopped bullying me. He started explaining to me that the report given to them added up, and pointed me out as the culprit. He said Alhaji and Auntie hook up told them that I took the phone, ran out of the house and went to hide it, so they must be firm if they want me to confess.

After some time, I was locked inside a smelly, dark room. It had no window but the door was made of metals, like burglary. Na there small breeze they follow enter the cell. There was one guy there already. I don't know who he was or how he landed in the police cell.

When Auntie Seun got back from work (I guess

When Auntie Seun got back from work (I guess someone narrated all that transpired to her), she rushed to the police station to see me. When she saw the condition I was in, she bursted into tears. Amidst tears, she began to plead with the police men on the counter to have mercy and let me go but they ignored her. They only told her to hurry and get out at once! She also brought me food. She asked me what I know about the phone and I told her the truth; "I am innocent!"

People of God, like play, like play, I slept in the police cell oo, I ate the food inside that smelly place, urine everywhere on the floor. I even wanted to starve myself so that I would die and everything would end, but I knew I needed to survive because there's an important mission that I was yet to accomplish... REVENGE!

Revenge was my driving force for survival.

With my head bowed in the cell, I thought to myself "Everyone who made me go through this pain must pay....EYE FOR EYE, BLOOD FOR BLOOD!"

The following morning (my second day in the police cell), when I wanted to pee, the police men first insulted me and called me a thief before they finally gave me a container to do it, then they opened the cell and one of them followed me across the road to pour it away, with handcuffs on my hands oo. (Continue reading through the thread
Episode Stories
5 months ago (E)


The following conversation ensued between Hook up Auntie and I...
Me: Good afternoon ma, how may I help you?
Hook up Auntie: I am looking for my phone.
Me: Looking lost... Your phone? I have no idea Ma. I haven't stepped out of our room today, I've not even had my bath, When was the last time you saw it?
Hook up Auntie: (Now pointing towards the waste bin)... I remember keeping the phone on that waste bin in the passageway when I swept in the morning but I forgot to take it inside when I was done sweeping. Now, it's no longer there.
Me: Haa, ma, seriously? you mean you left your phone on a general passageway that everyone walks through before entering into their rooms? Anyway, have you tried calling the number?

Hook up Auntie: Yes, it is switched off already.

Me: Now short of words, all I could say was "Oh wow". Hook up Auntie: Have you seen anyone around here since morning?
Me: Took a moment to think before responding... uuuhm, yes, a guy (named Tunde) from the next house came here earlier to borrow matches. But I couldn't find matches. So, I just opened the door half way and told him I could not find the matches. He didn't even enter, he left immediately. I didn't step out of the room either.
Make e no be like say I be bad person wey no care, I said "Well, Maybe your phone had fallen off the top of the waste bin and the battery pulled out, let's still search around for it. Hopefully, we'll find it"
She also informed one other guy whose name is Simo (A Ghanian), one of the occupants of the rooms, who happened to be inside his room on that day that the phone was missing. Simo and I joined Hook up Auntie to search around the passageway where she claimed to have left the phone but it was nowhere to be found.

While we were still looking for the phone, her man friend that was inside the room with her came out and started threatening to take drastic measures if the person that took the phone refused to turn it in.

He was an Alhaji, I was thinking the man would go diabolical, something like making the person that stole the phone run mad, I didn't even bother, I was careless about his threats since my hands were clean. I felt a thief deserves whatever consequence that he gets from stealing.

After we had searched everywhere but couldn't find the phone, I was already bored, so I went straight to the bathroom, had my bath and took a walk of about 20 minutes.

I got the shock of my life when I got back home. I saw a police Hilux parked right at the front of our house, with over 30 people around our neighbourhood gathered in our house. Immediately they sighted me, some of them pointed at me while they repeatedly echoed "This is the boy"

I was totally lost, I was trying to process what could have happened within the few minutes I left the house. I was trying to understand what "This is the boy" really meant. I was still trying to read the environment when a giant police officer started walking towards me, once he got close enough, he landed me a very hot slap. The next question that followed was "Where is the phone?"
Amidst tears and confusion, I muttered "Which phone Sir?"........My brain still never boot finish
Police man: The phone you stole before leaving the house.
Me: Sir, I honestly don't know anything about the phone, I already told her, I was in my room when she came to knock and told me about the missing phone.

Police man: You lying small boy! You think I don't know that you went to hide the phone as you stepped out? Take me and my men back to the place you're coming from, bring out the phone from where you hid it, hand it over and we'll let you go.

Me: I brought out my own phone and pointed it to the police man and said "Sir, take a look at the phone that I'm using, It's more expensive than the missing phone (My elder brother bought it for me, a Sony J70 phone, a very good phone at that time).. I prefer my own phone a million times to the missing phone Sir. I have no reason to steal another phone. I already have one"

And another hot slap landed on my face...taaash!, and he used a round kick to pack me from the floor. Na so I land whaam for ground. The way the police men treated me was nothing different from jungle justice. Only God knew how much that Alhaji paid them, they were so brutal and unreasonable. Those memories contribute to why I do not like the police till today. I kind of believe that the bad ones are more than the good ones.

And you know the Nigerian factor, your money is your right, person wey no get money no get any right plus I was a minor and I had no one to stand for me, Auntie Seun was at work when all these things were happening. All odds were completely against me. Continue reading through the thread..
Episode Stories
5 months ago

Episode 1
HOW IT ALL STARTED... What I am writing about today is something that has been on my mind but I didn't have the gut to talk about it because it's so embarrassing plus the fact that I usually feel hurt whenever I remember, until recently that God finally helped me to find peace. It happened many years ago, when I was still a teenager, living under my parents. Though I didn't tell them, none of my siblings knew too, I guess they'll see it here now sha. My wife is the only one I've ever told, and I didn't forget how I cried bitterly on the day I was narrating the terrible ordeal to her. Trust me, I am typing this with a big grin on my face right now, because God has helped me to get over it Sit back, read, laugh and learn

I am the type that likes travelling a lot, so I convinced one of my big sisters back then (not my biological sister) to allow me follow her to Ilorin (Kwara State) to spend one of the December holidays and she obliged. I also begged her to come help me talk to my parents to grant me a pass and she did. Fortunately for me (or maybe unfortunately, you'll understand as we move on), my parents agreed, they said I could go to Kwara with her for the holiday.

I've lived all my life in Kogi (my state of origin), though Ilorin was my place of birth. My dad told me he was living there till few months after my birth that he was transferred to Kogi State. So we relocated to Kogi when I was still less than a year old.

I was more than grateful for the privilege to see another part of the world. So, I grabbed my stuffs y and off we went!
Oh, my first time in Kwara as an individual that is aware of himself, I was so excited. I felt like "Finally, village boy don visit city ooo". I even had a pen and notepad in my hand, I was writing the names of all the fine places I saw so that I would have enough gist to give my friends in the village.

My big sister took me to one area in Ilorin called Taiwo Oke, that was where her own elder sister, Auntie Seun, was living. She told me that I would be spending my holiday with Auntie Seun, and ***** ured me that I would be well taken care of. She would also be around to see to my well-..Continue reading through the thread..
Midey Aderinde
5 months ago
Heritage Of Alakija

We are talking of Sir Adeyemo Alakija. An adored Yoruba nationalist who fought to champion the preservation of Yoruba ideals within Nigeria… A senior member of the WNDC… the public body that financed many of the projects in Yorubaland in the first republic…. A member of the cocoa board and senior member of the Action group….. and a son of Zik questions our right to discuss about him….
Midey Aderinde
5 months ago
Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has finally died after a prolonged battle with Leukaemia. Leukaemia is a cancer of the tissues which usually forms a type of blood cells called White Blood Cells (Leukocytes). There are diseases which your money can’t even help you, be grateful for good health. May his soul rest in peace and May God comfort his family.

Henry Okonkwo
5 months ago
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Midey Aderinde
5 months ago
Sapa why now 😆
#sapa #Trend #fyp
Midey Aderinde
5 months ago
Why will you charge #3k for bus 😆

#sapa #Trend #fyp
Henry Okonkwo
5 months ago
Congratulations on this..
Henry Okonkwo
5 months ago
Merry Christmas to you and the family. May it be a season of joy for you and your entire families.

In this season, may you experience;

Every member of this family and their extended family members are covered with the blood of Jesus.

Please remember that the reason for the coming of Jesus this season is to give us life, use this moment to reflect on why Jesus came and be sure you are well aligned. It is only a Merry Christmas for those in Christ.
Are you?

Merry Christmas
🎄 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
MultiComs MWB
Midey Aderinde
5 months ago
Moment Governor Sanwo-Olu asks if Mr. Macaroni won't greet him.
On a norm, he won't greet Sanwo olu at all

#mrmacaroni #sanwoolu
Henry Okonkwo
5 months ago
Merry Christmas.. to all my friends..
5 months ago
Beautiful atmosphere
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Midey Aderinde
5 months ago

1. Kiss her when she least expects it. She'll feel wanted

2. Tell her "I love you" in the middle of her talking to you. She'll end up smiling

3. Text her in the middle of the day just to tell her "I miss you". She'll feel thought of

4. Insist you will not start eating until she comes to sit down and you eat together. She'll feel special

5. Occasionally leave little notes of warm words under her pillow, on the fridge, in her hand bag or on her car seat. She'll feel cared for

6. Help her with house chores even without her asking. She'll feel part of a team

7. Touch/grab or rub her **** when she is cooking. She'll feel like a woman

8. Pretend you've forgotten her birthday then surprise her in the middle of the day with a gift. She'll feel excited

9. Occasionally give her mother a phonecall just to wish her a good day as her son-in-love. She'll feel surrounded by love
Midey Aderinde
5 months ago
I am thankful God
Henry Okonkwo
5 months ago
This is great. Greatness for sociatok is inevitable..
Socia Tok
6 months ago
Such a great day.. Hi 👋 Everyone..

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