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4 months ago


The outcome of the visit to Alfa's place left everyone surprised. They said the Alfa clearly told them that Tunde stole the phone (The guy that came from the next house to borrow matches from me).

The Alfa also told them that he had sold the phone already. He said it was from the money Tunde realised from the sale of the phone that he paid 3000 naira to the police, and in exactly 3 days, he would use the remaining money to travel to his village to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

I was told that they asked the Alfa to make him confess, so that the police would seize him at once.

The Alfa said it is very possible, that they can make him use his mouth to tell everyone that he stole the phone, but once he says it, that's how he'll continue to say it for the rest of his life and it can't be reversed. Haa, Isn't that madness? That was too much! Simon's parents were only interested in knowing the real thief and clearing their son's name, not hurting anyone, so they opted out.

I was angry, I wanted to go and confront Tunde and blast him. I wanted to call him a thief to his face but Auntie Seun stopped me, she talk say dem no born me well. She explained the reason why I must not do that; she told me that it may lead another uproar that can cause inviting police again and I'd have to bring out my evidence against him. I was like... "ehen now, that's easy, sebi I will tell the police that it was one alfa that told us he stole the phone". Auntie Seun said the police will arrest the alfa and ask him how he made his own investigation. So, if I like myself, I should not complicate issues by starting what I would not be able to finish.
Tor, las las, knowing the real thief couldn't clear my name and redeem my image, because it was only Auntie Seun and Simo's family that were aware of the Alfa's arrangement. The only relief I got was the few people who were aware of the low-key investigation.

As for my phone, the 3-days grace period elapsed and off it went!自動日

I felt like 3 days grace period was too short, but I had no choice than to accept things as they were. After all, I was at the mercy of the money lender.

I had even looked away right from the day the phone was used as collateral. Who would have given me 3k, especially as I didn't want that story to come out of Kwara state. I didn't want to tell anyone, so, that made seeking for help difficult.

3 days after Simo's parents visited Alfa, something unusual and unbelievable happened.

I saw Tunde dusting his travelling bag, just as Alfa

earlier predicted. E be like movie oo. Out of curiosity, I

asked what he was up to and he said he wanted to go

and celebrate December in Gbangan (his village)...E

shock you abi? E shock me too.

At that point, I didn't know where one raging anger

arose from. I began to place curses on the person that

stole the phone, though I didn't mention anybody's

name. You need to see Tunde's expression, he almost

used his hand to cover my mouth. But I no gree oo, I

cursed and cursed, and added some jara for Auntie

hook up and her Alhaji. Na Auntie Seun come pursue

me from that place...... May God reverse all the

negative ***** ouncements I've made concerning them.
Vex no good.
But curses didn't do justice for me, I had my own plans to take my pound of flesh my own way.

People of God, Tunde travelled that day and he didn't

return till I left Ilorin.

By January, the holiday was over and I returned to Kogi State. I begged that my big Auntie that took me to Kwara not to tell anyone about all that happened in

By January, the holiday was over and I returned to Kogi State. I begged that my big Auntie that took me to Kwara not to tell anyone about all that happened in Kwara, not even my parents. I was concerned about how I would start convincing everyone that I didn't take the phone. Though, I was sure that my parents would believe me, because they knew me, but what about the outsiders?

I also didn't like the idea of people finding out that I spent 3 good days in the police cell. My place in Kogi is just a small village, news won't take long before spreading. I was afraid of experiencing another round of the stigmatization.

Although I had left Kwara, flashes of the way I was whipped mercilessly and how I screamed in pain continued to reappear in my head, more like a trauma. I started nurturing deep hatred and unforgiveness towards Auntie hook up, her Alhaji and Tunde.

The devil took advantage of my state of mind to convince me that I would never find peace unless I took revenge. There was a burning desire for vengeance. I wanted her and everyone she loved to go through double of the pain she made me go through.
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Episode Stories
4 months ago


Now that Alhaji had said 3 of us that were suspected of stealing the phone must pay three thousand naira each, I felt some sort of relief. I knew that, somehow, I would pay my own three thousand naira and be free again.

Thank God for Simo (the Ghanian guy), his parents immediately raised 3 thousand naira for him and they gave it to the police. He was freed immediately. He didn't spend up to 2 hours in the police Station. He didn't even enter the cell and no one touched him. I was in my cell when he walked into the police station with his parents, and I was still in the cell peeping through the burglary when he walked out. Haa, how I envied him!
I also learnt that Tunde already paid his own 3 thousand naira when the police went to meet him at home. Though I learnt that the police wanted to arrest him on the first day of the incident but he was not around when they got to his house. So when they went back the second day and told him about the new development; to pay three thousand naira each. I was told that he just dipped his hand in his pocket, counted 3k and gave them on the spot. In fact, he was the first to pay, so, there was no point arresting him. He never stepped his foot to the police station.

As for me, I no get 3k ooo, and Auntie Seun said she didn't have too. The only option that we had was to use my own phone, the Sony J70 that my brother bought with a whopping 15, 500 naira as collateral to borrow the 3000 naira needed for my release. I didn't have a choice. I reluctantly agreed that the phone be used as collateral to take the loan.

She took it to where she would borrow the money, she later came back in the evening to tell me that they only She took it to where she would borrow the money, she later came back in the evening to tell me that they only gave her 3 days to refund the 3k, else, my phone would be gone for life. Well, I wanted my freedom at all costs, so I obliged. If I die in the cell, how would I take revenge?
The following morning (my third day in the police cell), the money lenders gave auntie Seun the 3 thousand naira, after she had given them my phone as collateral. She came back to the police station and paid for me.
I was eager to come out of the cell but it shocked me that even after payment, the police men refused to release me. They claimed that Alhaji had not given them a go ahead and until then, I would not be allowed to step out of the cell...Haba, which kind life be this now?

Auntie Seun was angry and frustrated, she felt like, Alhaji had taken all I had and had shown me the mighty man in him, wetin him wan collect again now? Auntie Seun left the station angrily.
Well, because of me, she had to swallow her pride and went to meet Hook Up Auntie and begged her to speak to her man friend to let me go. Hook up Auntie reluctantly agreed to put a call through to her "Baby".....the Alhaji

After a serious persuasion, Alhaji agreed that I should be released and he put a call through to the police.
They later released me towards evening of the 3rd day.
While the policemen were returning my clothes and shoe, that particular one that my write up impressed advised me to go back and prostrate before Hook up Auntie and appreciate her for talking Alhaji into releasing me. He said despite that I had paid the 3 thousand naira demanded, I would have still remained in the cell if she had not intervened, so, she was my saviour and I owed all the gratitude to her. Kai, I suffered!
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When I got back to the house, things were no longer the coolvalstories same, news had spread around the neighbourhood about the thief who stole the missing phone. I didn't have a face again. People were warning their children not to ****** ociate with a thief.
E even get one of the fine girls for downstairs wey like to dey smile at me before the stolen phone saga started, if you see the way she snubbed me after my return from the police station.....Na so everybody dey treat me like say I pour ****** for body.
The stigma was another level of emotional torture for me.
The story hasn't ended oo, my release from the station
was the beginning of another drama.

The parents of the Ghanian guy were furious that their son got caught up in such image-damaging incident, they were confident in Simo that he does not steal, and they would not take the shame the whole incident brought upon their family, so they vowed to dig the matter to the root and expose the real thief. That way, their son's image would be redeemed.
That was how they set out to find out the real thief using means other than the police. After all, the whole "paparazzi" of the Nigerian police did not expose the real culprit. So, they went to consult an Alfa to help them find the thief. (Check the thread)
Midey Aderinde
4 months ago
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